Podcast and Audio Files

Podcast and Audio Files

Welcome to my Podcast and Audio file page. I created this page as a way to explore the world of producing audio files and podcasts. As my job morphs from in person training to remote training, video demonstrations, and Power Point with voice over it seemed like a good idea to practice. Plus it might be fun to share my ideas and engage with others in a new way.

Click through the posts to listen to some of the audio files:

Book Podcasts

The Last Mrs. Summers Podcast

This episode is a book podcast and I will be talking about the book The Last Mrs. Summers by Rhys Bowen. This is a Lady Georgie mystery and is good fun like the books before it. For those of you who found this podcast on a streaming service, please visit my home page at cipersjournal.com

Six of Crows – A Grisha Novel

Hi Everyone, I have taken a stab at creating a sound file to discuss this book. I am still new at editing the sound files and publishing them. Please bear with me as I learn. In any case I hope you enjoy hearing about this fun book. Happy Listening to the Six of Crows a … Continue reading Six of Crows – A Grisha Novel

General Interest

Learning a New Skill

My job used to be writing technical training materials and then presenting in person classes. I am good at getting in front of a room of people and conducting an engaging class….then the pandemic hit. Now video training and voice overs are being discussed as the way forward. The conversation went a little bit like … Continue reading Learning a New Skill

Learning to Cook Keto

As a busy professional, cooking is often the last thing on my mind at the end of a grueling day. To be honest, I am a bad cook on the best of days with regular recipes. Add in Keto restrictions and the results have been mixed. Today I tried a recipe for Keto-friendly bagel for … Continue reading Learning to Cook Keto

Learning a Language Podcast

Hi everyone, this weeks podcast is about learning a language and how hard that task has been for me. While some people have a natural skill, it is not one of mine.