Shadowlands Beta: Second Character

Shadowlands Beta: Second Character

True to beta expectations things are ever evolving in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta. After the server reset I decided to go ahead and run two characters. It used to be that the second character would simply skip the mandatory story line. Now players get a choice with your Shadowland Beta second character.

Okay, so I did not want to run the quest line again because I have done it many times now. But it is nice that players get a choice. So here is how it goes.

Step 1: Go to Stormwind and go through a death gate to the Icecrown Citadel. Do a quest there and then get send to the Maw.

Step 2: Complete the quest chain in the Maw. Many people wish they could skip this part since it gets old after awhile doing it on every toon. Where is the “I seen this before, skip” button?

Step 3: You are finally at Oribos and a choice is presented to you. Do the Threads of Fate quest experience, or Replay the Storyline.

Here is the difference. In the threads of fate option you can level via world quest, side quest, dungeons, and bonus objectives. None of the main story line quests are available to you. You also get the choice of which land you want to explore in which order. The one land you don’t have access to is the Maw; that opens at level 60. The choice cannot be undone when picked.

If you replay the storyline, you must do all the storyline just like the first character. The zones must be done in the order of Bastion, Maldraxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. If you change your mind you can switch to the threads of fate option, which is nice to know.

So far leveling my mage via Threads of Fate has been fun and I like the flexibility of going to whichever zone I like best. The other good thing is you can start earning reputation with your chosen covenant much sooner.

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