Why I write – It’s Not for Money

Why I write – It’s Not for Money

So, I was going to write something else this week but decided to discuss why I write instead. This week someone send some threatening messages to my feedback folder saying they were going to hack my account and steal the money associated with my account and so on. I would have 24 hours to pay up or they would also sell all my info on the dark web.

Why did this sham then inspire me to write about it? Well, this site was started for the fun of writing about things and sharing with a community. So what if the community is not large….okay barely exists. It was still fun. But crap like this ruins my fun. I don’t want to have to worry about some joker causing mischief for me or others that visit my site.

Okay a few things here; One if you look at my website I don’t make money from this site. I don’t sell anything and there are very few adds. What are you going to steal. Two, my information was part of the OPM hack a few years ago so I have to keep my information monitored for the rest of my life anyway. Three, my google analytics say that I get maybe 50 visitors a month and most of that is my friends and family. Really, you want to take the time to hack something that small time. I suspect they are just another form of spam that puts the threat out there to scare people.

If you look at the picture above, you can see the revenue report for every month since I started this blog. If the alleged hacker can figure out how to get the add people to pay out 25 cents, that would be an amazing feat in and of itself.

I have a full time job so I don’t write for the money as you can clearly see above. If I needed money from this site I would put adds all over it like other people do. I make an active choice to not put adds in every available location. I hate scrolling past a ton of adds to read an article. I bet most of you do too.

Almost every message I get in my feedback folder is some kind of spam with another person promising to sell me something that will help me make more money. Please people look at the site first. You would realize your spam message has no place here. I can ignore those messages, but threatening me and my tiny site just broke me this week. The sad truth is this event has ruined my fun and I did not feel like taking the time it takes to do a proper write up this week. I just wanted to rant.

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