Shadowlands Beta Professions: Skills Journals

Shadowlands Beta Professions: Skills Journals

Last week the World of Warcraft team reset the the whole beta and also delayed the launch of the game. Everyone was like WHAT??? But it ended up being a good thing so far. Many of bugs are being resolved, new people were invited to the Shadowlands Beta, and professions got a new bonus.

Since they reset the beta servers all of us have to level our characters from 50-60 again unless you play on the max level server. I decided to do another play through and see what quests in the main line had or had not been fixed. As I was roaming around the world I came across a cool new feature. There are now Skills Journals in the game.

What is a WoW Shadowlands Beta Professions Skills Journal? It is a book that gives you +5 to a profession skill. The books drop randomly from the mobs you kill. The cool thing is they are not soulbound or account bound. This means you can trade them to your toons, your friends, or sell them on the Auction House.

The rule is you can only use one skill journal per week. So even though it has a Darkmoon Fair vibe to skill gain, it gives you the flexability to choose each week what skill to bump up.

My first one was to bump my tailoring but next week I will probably use the fishing skill book. I hate sitting around fishing when I have so little time to play.

In my opinion this is a quality of life improvement to the game and I hope it makes it out of the Shadowlands Beta into the actual game. Only time will tell.

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