Shadowlands Beta: Torghast Run

Demonology Warlock – Just another day in Torghast

Join me in a run through Shadowlands Beta Torghast with my Warlock. In this video I cover some of the same things I wrote about in a previous article, but now you get to see what actually happens. Learn about anima cells, safe zones, and mini bosses.

I recently created a YouTube channel to house my WoW content. You can join me there at All of my content is from the perspective of a casual gamer. Lets have fun in WoW!!

One thought on “Shadowlands Beta: Torghast Run

  1. Well at least I got this video filmed when I did. They just did a full wipe of the Beta server and we all have to start over at level 50. The WoW Devs give and they take away 🙂

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