Keto Journey – Sometimes You Need Help

Keto Journey – Sometimes You Need Help

It has been a while since I have done a Keto post. I have been sticking to the plan, but my progress stopped dead in its tracks, just like always. During my most recent consultation with the doctor, I shared my food journal, what exercises I have been doing, and applicable information. The difference this time is the doctor did not assume that the lack of progress is all my fault. Sometimes you need help.

It turns out that I have a thyroid problem and need some medication. Who knew? Oh wait, that was me, I knew. I don’t know my biological parents well, but I have a half-sister with the same problem, and she says our mother also has a problem.

In fairness, some doctors would run the blood test and the numbers would invariably come back as borderline. The doctors would say things are still in the normal range but just barely. You don’t need medication; you need to eat better and stop being lazy.

I have a new doctor now, and she asked me to document what I eat and my exercise. Sigh, okay, I will. I also reported the fact that I don’t sleep well and always feel so tired. Even with feeling tired all the time, I made an effort to exercise. I am telling this to the doctor, hoping that she will believe me. Finally, someone believes me!!

The doctor says what is typical for the population as a whole and typical for an individual are not the same. “Maybe we need to look at what is normal for you” she says . The doctor emphasizes that sometimes you need help. She warns this will not be a quick fix; you still have to do the work. Keep eating healthy and keep exercising. Let’s see if this low dose of medicine will help you out.

Here we are, one week into getting a little medical help and I can already tell the difference. The doctor said that adjusting the thyroid may help me sleep better, and it turns out to be true for me. I have broken past my plateau and am making progress with my Keto diet. Beyond the weight loss, it is nice to feel like I have some energy.

Healthy living is one of my goals this year and it feels nice to make some progress. It feels nice to realize that someone is on my side; I don’t have to feel like it is all my fault. Sometimes you need help, its okay to ask. When a person tries and gets a little help when it is needed it can make a world of difference. Taking medicine will not be a quick fix, but it does make a difference.

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