Memory of Souls

Memory of Souls

Memory of Souls is the third book by Jenn Lyons that started with The Ruin of Kings. I really wanted to love this book because the series start out so well, but the storyline just became so convoluted that it was kind of a chore to get through this book. The author started following so many people it would be 100 pages until you see the story line again. And in one instance another story line just got inserted out of the blue. Really!

In theory the main story still follows Kihrin. He and his allies still need to keep the demon Vol Karoth from breaking out of his prison and destroying the world. The cage is weakening and the last immortal race needs to sacrifice their immortality to bind the demon back to his prison. The problem is they don’t want to make the sacrifice.

At the end of the last book, the gods send Kihrin and his friends to Vane people to try to convince them to do what they promised thousands of years ago…make the sacrifice and save the world. The group was ambushed and deposited in the Korthaen Blight. The book opens with the group trying to find a way out of the Blight.

At first this seems like an easy thing to do; Thurvishar will just open a portal and get everyone back to the Manol Jungle to try speaking the the Vane King again. Nope, magic does not work correctly in the Blight and the group will have to find a way out by non-magical means.

This story is complicated enough with the current timeline and all the people who are playing roles in the prophecy. But the author also chooses to try to add history about how the world got to the state it is in. But she does a half job of it. Some bread crumbs are laid down that the reader is supposed to figure out, but it is done in a haphazard way and the whole picture is just not quite there.

Additionally, the reader is taken on some side story lines that do not appear to have any relation to the main story. I could have done without the side stories when the main one is hard enough to follow. They really could have been separate short stories as companion pieces.

By the end of the book I felt the same way I did about the Game of Thrones series, it started out good but got too big. The world Jenn Lyons creates in Memory of Souls and the other books is interesting but the story telling could use some work.

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