WoW Shadowlands Beta: Torghast

WoW Shadowlands Beta: Torghast

In the WoW Shadowlands Beta Torghast is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. It is like a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Each time you enter Torghast you can have a slightly different experience. As players move through the levels they will find anima powers that help complete the increasingly difficult content.

Enter Torghast from the Maw

To enter Torghast, you jump into the Maw and then the door is just behind the drop in point. Go to the door and you will be prompted to enter the instance. It is kind of like the visions at the end of the Battle for Azeroth because you can go in alone or with up to 5 people. So far I have been doing all the runs alone on my Warlock.

Choose your Door

Choose which Door to Explore

Now that you are in the instance, choose the door to the levels you want to explore. Each door has 8 levels of increasing difficulty. The higher you go the more rewards you get. The good thing is that if you choose a higher level, you automatically get the reward for the lower levels. So far, I have got to level 3 on most doors so that means I no longer have to do 1 or 2.

There are different types of monsters, floor plans, and traps for each section you choose. Also there are different bonus objectives as well. Some of the bonus objectives will reward you will a new follower for your covenant.

Anima Powers

When you first enter the door there is an Anima cell right at the door and you get to pick your first power. There is a bit of an RNG aspect to this because it is totally random what power you will get each and every run.

In the run I did to take the screen shots, I got lucky and one of my favorite choices came up at the beginning. Casting my covenant ability also casts my Doom Guard. The fact that the anima power does not share a global cool down with my Doom Guard means I can have the guard up almost all the time.

If you scroll through the pictures, you will notice that some of the powers have a trade off. For example, I can get 10-12 souls but there is a chance it will kill me. You can only die 5 times before the run is over. This means you have to balance your choices. Another choice I got was my Doom Guards have a chance to do consume one of my souls when summoned, but if the soul is consumed the guard does 100% more damage.

Some of the abilities have trade offs that make them totally not worth it to me. For example, one ability for the Warlock will root me in place making it so I cannot be knocked back. Having died from a knockback effect on a prior run, I thought great. Nope, not great. It makes it so that you are very slow to get started when you move again. When it came to trapped levels I was so slow that I died 4 times just trying to get past traps.

Traps and Floor Bosses

Navigate Through Traps

The higher levels will have traps that you will have to work your way through. Some are just a matter of getting the timing correct and the whole group has to work their way through. Some have switches so that if one person get through the traps, they can turn it off for the rest of the group. In my case I have the Ravendreth ability that allows me to teleport forward and that will usually get me past a lot of the traps.

I tried using my Warlock gate once and I took damage as if I just ran through the traps. Using my covenant ability got me through with no damage. But some of the traps are in a long hallway and I would have to use both abilities to get all the way through.

Level Boss

Each run will make you progress through at least 6 floors. Each floor has a mini boss to kill and the mini boss will give you an anima power. The powers given by the mini boss are usually some of the better ones.

Honestly, some of the mini bosses end up being easier than the trash you have to kill to get to them. I don’t know if this is because the developers are trying to make sure you get to the final boss or if it has been my luck with anima powers.

Dungeon Seller

3rd and 6th Floor Sellers

On the third floor of each run you will find a zone that is mostly safe. On the floor there is a dungeon seller. He only takes phantasm for currency, which is earned from killing mobs in Torghast. You cannot keep your phantasm once you leave the run so you may as well spend it.

I have noticed that what I can buy from the 3rd and 6th floor sellers changes each time I go into Torghast. Yea, it is mostly common abilities, but not the same ones each time. There are so many to choose from and you only get a few choices each time.

Sometimes, the seller offers the a flask that will give the group an extra death. At first I did not buy them because I was like, I still have all 5 available. But then I found out that they are consumable when clicked. Since you don’t always get this item I would buy at least one when I see it. You never know when you might need an extra life.

Sample of Seller Wares

On the third floor you will get at least one anima power near the door as well. Sometimes there are souls to save as well. The souls are either in cages or chained to the floor. The souls are supposed to count toward some quests and become covenant currency…so I have been told, but it has not worked out that way so far. Hopefully, sometime in this beta it will start working.

6th Floor Boss

On the sixth floor you will encounter the big boss. Before you are even close enough to engage him there will be another seller. Time to repair and get you last minute buffs.

Killing this boss will reward you will gear loot, I am guessing. I get a public test realm token each time I kill the big boss. I am thinking it will be real gear if it survives to the launch of Shadowlands. There will also be a chest with Soul Ash in it. This is currency used to build your legendary gear.

Sometimes you will end up doing 18 levels and it does a rinse and repeat every 6 levels. Of course the levels get harder the farther you go. But the format is still the same. This way you will know where to start looking for a repair point.

As long as this article is, this is really just a basic overview of the WoW Shadowlands Beta Torghast functionality. There are so many aspects to explore. There are bonus objectives, Elite mobs, traps, and so much more.

However, the basics are, kill mobs, look for anima powers, spend your phantasm at the dungeon seller, and work you way through 6 levels to get to a big boss with loot. And don’t skip the bonus objectives, you may get new followers.

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