WoW Shadowlands: Professions

WoW Shadowlands: Professions

As the Shadowlands beta progresses some of the bugs are staring to go away and other features are becoming more robust. This week I wanted to take a look at professions. In the past few expansions most professions seem to be an afterthought. I keep hoping for a change and it looks like a few of the professions are getting an upgrade, or maybe a reset to better days.

One of the things that would bug me in past expansions is that no sooner can I craft an item then a quest reward would be much better. Or the things that could be made had so little value that it was laughable. In Wow Shadowlands professions are getting a bit of a boost in that department. For example, my Warlock reached level 60 and had 140 ish gear. My tailor could make 165 gear. Yea, something I can make and actually use.

Profession Hall Oribos


Tailoring was fairly easy to work up because my tailor was the second character I brought over to the beta. All of the cloth I had on my first toon was sent over to the tailor and in one sitting I got from 0-90. What I liked is that I could get this far without any soulbound mats, dungeon, or raid materials. The only limiting factor was that I ran out of cloth.

As I mentioned earlier, my level 60 was able to see a significant upgrade from 140 to 165 gear just from standard patterns. The other thing that is really cool is that some gear pieces have extra slots that let the person wearing the gear pick some extra stats. This functionality is going to make inscription relevant again; more on that in a bit.


My tailor is also my enchanter since the two professions are a natural fit. Most of what my tailor made was immediately disenchanted for mats for enchanting. The good thing is I got 19 points toward enchanting just from all the disenchanting. So, yea easy skill gain at the beginning. I was able to get to 75 in this skill just from the stuff I made to level tailoring. All of this before I event set out for one quest (post Maw).

Back in the day an enchanter could make something for almost every gear slot. In recent expansions the choices were very limited. Basically a couple of ring enchants and weapons. Now we are back to rings, bracers, boots, gloves, cloak, weapons….you get my point. Again, I sent a bunch of stuff to my level 60 to really boost her stats.

Enchanting Trainer


Since this was mentioned in another post I won’t go into too much detail. But I am still miffed that the partial flowers are back in the game. This has made leveling Alchemy a bit harder than it needs to be. First, there were not a lot of flowers to be found. Second, I don’t even get a full flower per pick sometimes. Even up to 100 points in herbalism I am still getting partial flowers. BOOO.

Update: Since writing this WoW has gotten rid of the partial flowers. YEA!!!

That aside, Alchemy is the one profession in all expansions that I felt always has a utility. You need potions to raid, they are nice for dungeons, some people will use them for PvP, and I used them a lot to solo visions. This profession is still pretty good in WoW Shadowlands professions.


Inscription is one of the professions I think got hit with the ugly stick a few expansions ago and it really became useless. Sure you could make some tomes to change skills mid-raid but other than that not much use. In BFA it was nice to have the contracts for reputation but they were so limited in use that they quickly got old.

In WoW Shadowlands professions the scribe is making a comeback. As I mentioned earlier, the scribe can make things like Massive of Critical Strike. This scroll can be used to modify a gear piece that has a empty stat slot. One of the items the tailor can make has 3 stat slots. People can customize gear again and the scribe can have a job again.

Inscription Trainer

Other Professions

I have not tried the other profession yet. But I hear that blacksmith gets stuck at about 85-90 points because they need a special mat. As always, WoW does not treat profession equitably. I was so happy the tailor did not need special mats, I am sorry the blacksmith does. But it could be worse.

From what I have experienced so far in WoW Shadowlands professions, I think profession have been made relevant again in this expansion. If my worst complaint so far is the partial flowers then it is not that bad. I am glad the developers are putting in some work here because that was my favorite part of the game in the early expansions.

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