The Last Mrs. Summers

The Last Mrs. Summers

The most recent Lady Georgie book by Rhys Bowen is The Last Mrs. Summers. In this book Georgie has returned from her honeymoon and Darcy is off on another secret mission. She is feeling lonely and a bit at loose ends. Fortunately, her friend Belinda stops by and invites Georgie to come with her to Cornwall. Belinda has just inherited some property and wants some company while she goes and checks it out.

Along with the property, Belinda has inherited a large sum of money so she bought a little sports car. Keep in mind this is the 1930’s so you know, it is fast but not by today’s standards. The two lady’s drive all day to get to Cornwall and arrive late in the evening. There is no hotel to stay at so they make their way to the little cottage.

Oh dear, it is rather primitive. At first there does not even seem to be a bathroom. Eventually, a bathroom is found in the basement but it does not even have a door. There are no light, only and oil lamp. The list goes on. But Georgie and Belinda find an old bed and settle in to sleep under their coats.

Cottage in Cornwall

The next morning Georgie and Belinda make their way to the closest town to see if they can find a place to stay while Belinda tries to decided what to do with her little run down cottage. While they are in town asking the locals for information about fixing up the cottage they run into Rose.

Rose recognizes Belinda right away but the recognition does not go both ways. After a few moments Belinda realizes this is the daughter of the cook who used to work for her grandmother. Rose has come up in the world; she is now married to Tony Summers. Tony happens to own the great estate in the area. When Rose hears that Belinda and Georgie need a place to say she invites them to come stay with her.

At first Belinda does not want to. But Rose won’t take no for an answer. Not only should her “childhood friend” come stay but it would be great to have Lady Georgie, cousin to the King of England, staying at her home.

Lady Georgie and Belinda have been staying with Rose for a couple of days when Tony is found stabbed to death. The prime suspect is Belinda. Now Georgie has to figure out who really killed Tony and get Belinda out of jail.

I love the Lady Georgie books. One cannot but love her for being slightly naïve. This book was a bit slow to get to the mystery. In a book that is only about 260 pages it was around page 160 before the reader knows who died. I was beginning to wonder if the author just decided to have a Lady Georgie book that was just about her having some fun with a friend.

The one thing that is starting to feel contrived about this series is that no matter where Georgie ends up in her adventures, Darcy also ends up in the same place. Even when he is supposed to be somewhere else in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love Darcy, but if he is going to be in the story, just have him be there. Why the convoluted oh he is in Europe. Nope he is actually in the wilds of Cornwall at the exact same time. What are the odds?Well, it turns out to be about 100%.

The earlier books in the series were better but this book was still an enjoyable way to spend a couple of days reading. If you enjoy a nice mystery that does not have a lot of violence and is a quick read, this book is for you.

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