Midnight Sun – A Twilight Novel

Midnight Sun – A Twilight Novel

As many people already know, Midnight Sun is the long awaited novel by Stephanie Meyer. She retells the Twilight story from Edward’s perspective. The main story stays the same; Bella moves to Forks to live with her dad and meets Edward. At first he is inexplicably rude to her, then he saves her life, and goes back to ignoring her. In Midnight Sun the reader learns more about Edward and what makes him tick.

It has been about 12 years since these movie production pages were “leaked”. I always thought that it was more of a publicity stunt that got out of control to be honest. Anyway, I think most of us are reading this book out of nostalgia. Sometimes it is nice to go back to an old book and look at it again. In this case we get to relive the story and get a bit of new content.

In my case, I discovered and read the entire series in 2009 when I was in hospital for awhile. This series of vampire fantasy books were a nice escape and a much needed break from reality. Some people criticized the books for making Bella a bit simplistic; she really needed to get a life of her own outside of her boyfriend. While that may be true, I liked the simplicity at the time.

Forks “It’s too green”

The story starts with Edward bored out of his mind. Being in high school again is the closest thing he will ever get to sleep; just a time of waiting between activity. But things are about to get interesting when the new student, Bella, enters the science room and she smells better than anyone ever before. The temptation to kill her is strong. So, we knew this to some extent in the original book. However, in this book the author goes into a lot of detail about how Edward responds and then provides context with flash backs to other points in his immortal life.

I am not going to bother recapping the whole book; it really did not tell me much more than the original book. My favorite character in this series has always been Alice. I hoped there would be more of her in this one since Edward would spend more time with her than Bella did in the original book. But that was not really the case.

The one character the reader did get more insight into was Rosalie. In the original book she was really a footnote. Someone that was in Edward’s family but did not like Bella. In this book we hear a bit more of her inner thoughts via Edward’s mind reading. However, a lot of it felt like the author was taking what Rose said in the movies and introducing it into the books.

Phoenix at Night

In Midnight Sun, the reader does spend more time in Phoenix. The scene where Edward, Alice, Carlisle, and Jasper race across town to save Bella from James felt like the author was trying to write an overdone car chase scene from a movie. Yawn.

One part I did find interesting was how the author described Rene’s mind. Was her mind semi quiet like Charlies? Was she fully quiet like Bella? That part I wanted to know. Turns out Rene’s mind is like she is projecting her voice loudly; you just could not block her out if you wanted too. The first thing I thought is, this is where baby gets it from. If you read the whole series you know what I am saying here.

Overall, it was nice to revisit the book and it’s characters. I did not love it the way I did the original books. But being 12 years older and in a different place in my life that is to be expected. This book feels like the author decided to publish it because she was trying to be relevant again. I think that time has passed and am ready to move on to other books.

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