My Keto Journey: First Weight Loss Goal Reached

My Keto Journey: First Weight Loss Goal Reached

In every journey towards improving one’s health, it is important to have small goals. This helps to track progress, but it also provides a feeling of accomplishment. My Keto journey stared for two reasons; one to lose weight and two to find a healthier version of myself. Today I reached my first weight loss goal by losing 10 pounds. I still have 80 pounds to go, but I choose to celebrate the small goals too.

When my journey started, I was completely out of control, in my opinion, when it came to my diet and health. Before I moved to my current location for work, I had a routine that included swimming 4-6 days a week. Every Sunday I had a private lesson with a swim coach for accountability and to keep me on track. But the work ended in that location and I followed the work to another one.

Where I live now a good swimming facility has been hard to find, much less a coach that I can afford. Add in the stress of my new job and other things and without paying attention my weight jumped up about 20 pounds.

How Keto Helps

Now that I am getting better at following Keto, I don’t feel hungry all the time. My body is adjusting to the foods it knows how to process. Most importantly, I don’t feel deprived all the time, like I must suffer to get where I need to be.

Even before I let myself get out of control, I needed to lose weight for health reasons. My problem is that even when I eat well and exercise I struggle to loose weight. And to make matters worse I had multiple doctors tell me that if I was not so lazy or did not eat junk I would lose weight. They did not even look at the fact that I was eating according to plan and working out a lot. It feels like I just look at what someone else is eating and I gain weight.

It took some time to realize that “eating healthy” is a relative term. My genetics and heath did not respond to the foods that I was forcing myself to eat. The one size fits all diets the doctors were giving me were not working. Plus when I followed those diets I felt hungry all the time. Can you imagine, trying to eat “healthy” and still gain weight…its demoralizing.

I am glad that I have found something that works for me. I am pleased with the steady progress I have been making. Now it is time to look at the next goal on my Keto journey. With so far to go, I know it won’t be easy and slip ups will happen. However, having these small goals help me stay on track.

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