World Of Warcraft: Shadowland Beta: Character Reboot

World Of Warcraft: Shadowland Beta: Character Reboot

It is time for an update on the World of Warcraft Shadowland Beta. In the last post I told you all that I had characters in various levels of stuck throughout the beta. The import character feature was activated so it seemed like a good time to start over. Just to make it easy I imported a Warlock and got started in the Maw.

The good news is that starting at level 50 in Boralus made the continuity of the game experience better. I log in and a quest pops up on my screen. Go to Stormwind and start the new expansion. The first place you go is the Maw. One of the things that put me off early Beta is that the characters started in all kinds of different places and the story felt disjointed. Now that the beta is further along, as predicted, that problem is gone.

The bad news is that after a week of playing and almost getting to level 60 the beta was rebooted. All characters were wiped out and everyone had to start over. Ugh, I was almost done.

Now, if I bothered to read the patch notes I would have seen this coming. But I confess, that is not how I play. At least I don’t have a bunch of toons in various stages of stuck anymore.

Character Reboot

This week was crazy at work so I did not get to play after the reboot until Friday night. I log in, see all my characters gone, figure out why, have my mental tantrum, and then import my Warlock again. Time to go back to the Maw.

Fight you way to Anduin

Doing the quest chain in the Maw provides a lot of the context I was missing before. I don’t want to give away too much and ruin the fun for those who will play when Shadowlands launches. Suffice it to say, you battle you way through the intro zone and gather your allies along the way.

The goal is to escape the zone that is roughly analogous to a purgatory. If you were sent to the Maw you probably had something to atone for before you were allowed to leave…if you ever get to leave. As one moves through the zone you will see a few bad guys from expansions past.

Hi Helya can’t say it’s nice to see you

Escape to Orbios

After escaping the Maw you land in Oribos, which will be the capital city for everyone this expansion. There is a nice introduction chain that moves the story along. Additionally, there is the typical quests designed to show you around the city. I was pleased to see that professions are in the beta, but to be fair they were in last week. I just did not get time to experience them.

Professions used to be one of my favorite parts of the game. In the past few expansions I feel like the professions have mostly been hit with the ugly stick. I am hoping they become more relevant in this expansion. I will let you know.

The Arbiter

The story has a multiverse feeling to it, which again makes the way the different zones are designed have a more cohesive feel. I am glad the storyline is starting to feel like it makes sense. I am not into the nitty gritty details of each story in the game but I do like things to feel like they make sense.

You will finish up the quest line, open a portal to the either Stormwind or Orgrimmar and head out to Bastion. It does not matter if you are Hoard or Alliance, everyone starts in the same place.

Bastion: It has quests now!

This time when I take the multi-dimensional portal to Bastion the beginning quest line works. Kleia is there to greet you and make sure you know the way around. This NPC will act as a guide for the bulk of the main quest line for the zone.

Maybe this is just me, but this zone, with the blue Kyrian, makes me think of the books by Laini Taylor. They are blue, some of them have wings and some don’t. I am not saying that WoW was inspired by this author but it very much reminds me of the Strange the Dreamer series. Just a side note 🙂

I finished Bastion before the character reboot and all parts seemed to work. As usual WoW finds way to insert a bit of pop culture humor into the story line. One part of the quest line feel like they are making fun of Apple’s Siri just a bit.

I have not finished Bastion the second time so more to follow on any improvements. On the whole, this expansion is shaping up to be fun. As I play my way through I will provide more updates and impressions.

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