Deadlock – A book Review

Deadlock – A book Review

An FBI Novel by Catherine Coulter

Deadlock is the latest installment in the FBI Mystery series featuring Savich and Sherlock. This is the 24th book but if you have not read the others, that is fine, this one stands alone. All you need to know is that Savich and Sherlock are married and they both work for the FBI. Also they have a bunch of capable people around them to help solve crimes. Like most of the recent books in this series, the book follows two plot lines.

The first storyline features Rebekah, she is a young woman who recently lost her beloved grandfather. A medium called Zoltan reaches out claiming to have a message from her grandfather. Rebekah does not believe in the occult or that her grandfather can speak from the afterlife. But she is curious and her husband encourages her to go and find out what it is all about. Worse comes to worst, it will be entertaining and get her out of the house.

The second story line involves a mysterious puzzle sent to FBI headquarters addressed to Savich. However, the whole puzzle is not in the first box, only 1/3 of the puzzle. It looks like someone is playing a game with the FBI. The reader knows within the first chapter that the person behind this game is Marisa Gay. She was arrested by Savich in a previous book and now awaits trail for murder. But she will do anything to have her revenge on Savich and also try to beat the murder charge.

Rebekah’s Story

Although the stories are told in a back and forth style where the reader learns a bit about each case as it happens, I find it easer to write about it one story at a time.

Rebekah goes to the home of Zoltan to see what the medium has to say. She is sure the lady is a fake. At first she was going to hang up the phone and move on with her day. Then Zoltan says that grandfather wants to talk to his Pumpkin. How could this lady know about her pet name. Maybe good research?

None the less Rebekah decides to go find out what Zoltan has to say. The medium says says some of the stories grandfather made up for Rebekah when she was a child are true. Especially the one about “The Big Take”. There is a large amount of money hidden and the poem he made her memorize as a child holds the key to finding the money.

From the start Zoltan is asking leading questions. As a reader it was obvious she was trying to trick Rebekah into giving up information. Grandfather said keep the stories secret and she has her whole life. Rebekah is no fool either, she does not give out the details, tells Zoltan that she is a fake and gets up to leave.

Zoltan tries to convince Rebekah to come back another day to speak with her beloved grandfather. She says she is sure that it would help in the grieving process. Plus of course Zoltan is like “I am not a fake”. Rebekah is having none of it and says to leave her alone, she is never coming back. One visit for entertainment is enough.

The next day someone tries to snatch Rebekah right off the street as she walks from her car to a party at her son-in-laws house. Lucky Rebekah Savich happens to be in the neighborhood and foils the kidnaping attempt.

It was clear to me from the beginning that someone truly believed the money from the “Big Take” story was real and they really wanted it. In the rest of the book Savich and team will unravel this mystery. They will find out what is real and what is lies.

The Mysterious Puzzle

From the perspective of the characters, they don’t know Marisa Gay is behind the puzzle that showed up at the FBI headquarters. Savich just knows someone is playing a game. The second part of the puzzle arrives on the very next day, which is Friday. At this point no one can tell the location the puzzle points to.

That is until Pippa, a new young agent, walks by. “Hey that is St. Lumis” she says, “I used to live there as a kid.” Everyone is sure the sender of the puzzle did not mean for them to figure out the location so soon. But thanks to Pippa the crew may just have a lead on the mysterious puzzle sender.

Savich decides to send Pippa to St. Lumis undercover to see if she can find any clues. Since she lived in this small town as a kid, maybe people will open up to her in a way they would not to a stranger.

Savich thinks that the third part of the puzzle won’t arrive until Monday. Maybe Pippa will find something, maybe she won’t, but it will be good experience for a young agent. Plus, he figures that there is not much danger.

Most of this story line follows Pippa figuring out exactly what is going on in St. Lumis with the help of Chief Wilde, head of the local police. Savich and Sherlock bounce in and out of both story lines as they balance working on both cases.

I have been reading these books about Savich and Sherlock since the first three books were given to me as a box set in 1999. I have read every single one of them and it has been fun to see the characters evolve over time. If you are just discovering the books then you have a lot of content to read if you want to read them all. Fortunately, they mostly stand on their own, up to you, but either way enjoy reading.

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