The Keto Journey Continues

The Keto Journey Continues

Hi Everyone, the first post I wrote about Keto is under the Health and Wellness category because I was simply sharing my feelings that day about trying to do better at adopting a healthier lifestyle. Based on the feedback received from that post, I decided to do a series of posts. It seems there are a lot of people out there just trying to find what works best for them. They feel alone on their journey. Maybe if I share my ups, downs, and all the things that make me human on my journey it will help us all.

First and foremost, let me say that I am not a health expert. I have no medical training, and my content is just meant to share my journey as I learn what works for me. Anything I write is in no way intended to be advice for others whose situations, genetics, or medical conditions are different than mine.

Combating Sugar Cravings

I have been trying the Keto lifestyle for 2.5 months now and I have started to feel healthier. The physical sugar cravings are gone but the mental cravings are still here. My problem is that I have been conditioned to reward or comfort myself with food. The first thought when something good happens is “let’s celebrate with” insert the treat to finish that thought. This is a very difficult phycological habit to break.

Recently, I became a Certified Scrum Master. When I passed the test the first thought was “oh I should get some pie to celebrate.” Then I stopped myself…no that is not the answer. I called a family member to tell them how I completed one of my goals for the year. The first words out of my family members’ mouth, “do you want to go get some dessert to celebrate?”

I told my family member that I am trying to break the habit of rewarding myself with food, but thanks anyway. Fortunately, they are very supportive of my health goals so they were not offended. Instead, I invited the family member over for dinner that night. They asked if that was not also rewarding with food. My answer was no, I have to eat dinner and I am going to cook according to my plan. The reward is your company.

Keto is not a solution to the underlying relationship I have with food. But the focus on low sugar, low carb foods does help me focus on what I should eat vs. eating mindlessly. Hopefully, as time goes by the Keto Lifestyle will become second nature. Then the mental cravings for sugar will go away.

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