Learning a New Skill

Learning a New Skill

My job used to be writing technical training materials and then presenting in person classes. I am good at getting in front of a room of people and conducting an engaging class….then the pandemic hit. Now video training and voice overs are being discussed as the way forward. The conversation went a little bit like this:

  • Boss: Hey we have to cancel all classes for the foreseeable future. But we still need to provide some kind of training.
  • Me: We can do some virtual training like we did for X client last year.
  • Boss: That is a good idea but I think we need to do more. Do you know anything about creating videos and doing voice overs?
  • Me: Um no, but I can learn.

Doing a voice over for a training video is harder than teaching the exact same material in a class. It is a lot less forgiving of mistakes. The only way to get better is to practice.

Audio Files – An intro to my new experiment

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