If you had a choice, where would you choose to work?

If you had a choice, where would you choose to work?

On LinkedIn today someone posted a quick poll like the one embedded in this post. The premises of the poll sparked a lot of interesting conversations and I thought it would be nice to recreate it because it speaks to the the cultural shift we are seeing regarding our work life.

The gentleman posting asked people to vote by using different reactions buttons. In a very short time the original poll received 5,500+ reactions almost 200 comments, and counting. Some of the comments surprised me and many people had very strong feelings on the topic.

One person answered, I miss my commute…the time in the car is me time. What??? Miss a commute, that is the worst part of my day. Getting up at the crack of dawn when I am a NOT a morning person. I don’t agree but to that person, you do you.

Some other people want to go back to the office because they miss the social interaction, their is a different kind of collaboration that happens when you bounce ideas off someone in real time. Also, many commented that when you work from home it feels like you are never away from work. I can see that, it is just so easy to get sucked into email or other tasks while you were trying to relax in the evening. The act of going to and from work provides clear boundaries for some people.

Many people wanted to continue working from home and enjoy the work life balance it offers. With less time spent commuting they can spend more time with family, enjoy hobbies, exercise more. Or heck, just not pay the expenses of commuting. That is me; with gas, parking, wear and tear on the car, and tolls it sure is nice to stay home and keep that money for other stuff.

Then you have people who would like a mix of working from home and going to work. Since I teach in the corporate world I think in reality this is what I would vote for. I love being in class with my students and helping them learn something that will make their work life better or easier. But I would love to do my video recording, voice overs, and lesson planning at home. I have everything I need at home for those tasks so why not.

What would you like and why? Feel free to take the poll below and/or add comments to this page.

Depending on how you view this page you may see the poll our you may see a link. Names are not required so feel free to share.

9 thoughts on “If you had a choice, where would you choose to work?

    1. Thank you for letting me know that you cannot see the poll. I was trying to use a new feature and must have embedded the link incorrectly. It happens I agree with you that lesson planning is best done at home. I also like to record and editing my training videos at home too.

  1. Hi Everyone, I am somewhat new to creating and designing the elements of a web page. I noticed that several people have visited this page but very few have taken the poll. Is it because you cannot see it? Or you just don’t like polls?
    Just asking so that in future I can create better content for my site. Thanks 🙂

  2. Even though I am very thankful that I still have a job, I dislike working from home. I prefer real interaction from other people in the office that I work with. Although I can do without the commute to work since I hate driving but this sadly looks like the direction that more and more companies are going and won’t change anytime soon. The physical office I work out of is permanently closed now so I have really have no choice now but to work from home 🙁

  3. I worked from home for 15 years. When I got my new job, it was in an office 45 minutes (minimum with no traffic) and it was horrible. I was looking at a 10 hour day every day and that was working “8 hours”. When we moved to WFH due to Covid, I am back in my happy place. I will share, though, it is a totally different experience this time around, mainly due to the social distancing. It is much harder this time because once I get out of work, there’s no place to go, no weekly bowling, no meeting friends for a beverage, etc. But….I still love it and would prefer to never return to the office.

  4. I love working from home. I have a better setup (and view) from my home office than the company office, and get just as much if not more work done from home. In my current job, my group is spread across the country, so even when we were in the office, all of our meetings were over Skype/Zoom/MS Teams anyway, so it really doesn’t matter where I physically am, at least as far as meetings go. I have to say that if I was offered two otherwise equal jobs, but one was work from home, I’d take the work from home job.

    1. Pat, I am with you 100% on this. My setup at home is much better than what I have at the office; especially since I have an office with a door at home and at work I was in a cubicle. I don’t have a TV or anything in my office so it is much easier to focus in my quiet office. I have better software and internet connection at home as well. I only want to go back to teach my classes and then stay home for the rest of the time.

  5. I hope the company I work for allows us to continue working from home. The school my kids attend will be offering classes online in the fall and I cannot leave them home alone.

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