My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

Right now the Keto diet has garnered a lot of attention as a way for people to loose weight. It is also a good way for some people, like me to control issues with blood sugar. It is by no means a cure all or even appropriate for all people. But for me Keto and various versions under different names has been useful to me for awhile. I am going to be honest here and admit I fell off the wagon big time and then started back on Keto.

Recently I had a birthday and when I looked in the mirror I realized that the person staring back at me was not the person I wanted to be. I can give all kinds of excuses or reasons for how I got to where I am but the simple truth is eating healthy is hard and I stopped putting in the effort. A low carb way of eating has always been what my body has responded to…but I love bread and pasta, I love candy. This makes low carb, low sugar hard for me in the long term. So once again, I decided to take my health back and start Keto.

The difference this time is that I found a web site that discussed my exact issue; how to do Keto and not feel like you had to say good bye to all your favorite foods. This web page had recipes for low carb alternatives for some of my favorite foods…can you say pizza and low carb peanut butter cookies. Yes please.

On other plans I have tried I never heard of alternate sources of flour like almond, coconut, or cashew flour. This makes all the difference. Though I have to admit that although coconut flow is better for you and the environment I don’t like the taste.

Armed with new information I began my Keto Journey. Then the first holiday came and all my friends and family were enjoying the usual 4th of July treats. This was the first time that I felt deprived so I fell off the wagon in a big way. Go big or go home right. Wrong, my problem was not being prepared.

Today I dust myself off from my fall and am ready to get back on the Keto wagon. The good thing that I learned from this weekend and I need to be prepared with foods I love when it comes holiday time. If I had bothered to think about it and made myself some approved treats it would have been easier for me from a psychological point of view. Also, when the holidays come I need to plan around the time I might just want a small treat and work it into my carb allowance. Sometimes there is just no substitute for Grandma’s pie.

Live, learn, and move on. It does not help to beat oneself up over a set back. Cheers to another day 1 back on my journey to better health.

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