My Content Policy

My Content Policy

So an interesting thing started to happen recently; someone discovered my page and began to post a bunch of comments with links to purchase items on other site. It made me laugh that someone would even bother to try to redirect traffic from my site to theirs. Let’s face it this blog is as small time as it gets.

But just in case here is my policy for content on my site; I moderate all comments, few though they may be. I do not allow comments to be posted that contain links to other places, especially links to advertising questionable things like prescription drugs without a prescription. I would hate for those that do visit my site to link through to something that could have a virus or any other host of bad things that can happen by clicking on unverified links.

Plus, I don’t make any money from my site. I write what I feel like because for now it is fun and relaxing. I am sure not going to let someone else make money from my site by posting shady links. Yes there are days that I consider shutting this blog down because it does cost money to keep it going and there may come a time when I don’t feel like paying to keep this going. In the mean time, if you are reading this and are considering posting questionable material to my site…Don’t bother.

For those who want to make legitimate comments on the things I share, you are more than welcome to post as I have always encouraged. My only policy is to keep all content respectful. I don’t mind if people disagree with my opinions or the opinions of others who may post. But I don’t allow bullying and threatening words.

As I mentioned in another post, I hope to create a small space where people from different backgrounds can come together and find some common ground. If you love books like me, feel free to comment on a book I wrote about. Post about a book you read and would like to suggest to me or others. I love music, movies, different types of TV, and I am on a journey to improve my health. I have even begun doing video tutorials for work and am considering posting some here. I had to learn about sound software and am considering creating some more podcast type posts. Discussion on all these topics are fair game.

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