Bissel CrossWave Cordless Max

Bissel CrossWave Cordless Max

The Bissel CrossWave Cordless Max is a product that has been on a list of things I would like to try but was not sure if I needed yet another cleaning tool. My home does have a lot of hard surfaces and the whole second floor is wood floors. There has been a lot of hype that this two in one cleaning machine is great for hardwood floors and will not damage them. That sounds good but at $399.00 it is a hefty price. After doing a lot of research I finally decided to purchase one. This review is about using it in three main areas of my home for the first time.

The machine even in the box is not that heavy, which is a good thing for me since I live in a 3 story townhome that has hard floors on each level. Unboxing the Bissel Crosswave is not hard at all and it only took me 5 minutes from opening the box to having it on the charging station; the only thing you have to do is snap the handle into place on the top part of the machine. The good thing is the Bissel Crosswave comes with all you need to get started. It has two brush rolls (one installed on the machine already), four containers of cleaner, the charging stand, a handy drying/storage stand, and the machine.

The instructions say to let the CrossWave charge for 4 hours before using for the first time. Another good thing about the machine is that it is easy to use and all you have to do is read a tiny instruction card to get familiar with the buttons. The main thing is to have it set on the type of floor and to prime the solution by holding down the solution button for 10 seconds. Then when using the machine you simple hold down the solution trigger to add some solution to the roll as you make a pass over the floor. When not holding the trigger the machine will vacuum up water and debris. The trick for me was to hold down the trigger when moving the machine forward and then let it vacuum up the water an dirt when moving the machine forward.

I started out trying the Crosswave on the ground floor of my home, which you might be able to see in the pictures has light colored tile. While tile is great, this color does not hide even one bit of dirt. This level ended up being the biggest test of the CrossWave. The only prep work I did was to sweep some debris out of some tight corners but left the dirt on the floor to see how the CrossWave would handle it.

Overall the CrossWave did a good job cleaning the light colored tile. I did have to do more than one pass on some sections near the entry door that gets a lot of traffic and dirt. In one place I could not get the floor as clean as I wanted so I gave up and just put some heavy duty cleaner on the floor and let it sit for a bit then came back and cleaned it up with a cloth. My take away is that for regular wear and tear the Crosswave did great on the light colored tile. For stains or heavy traffic areas, you might need to use additional cleaning methods.

Next I moved to may main level which is 100% hardwood floors with a couple area rugs. The floors are darker so the dirt does not show up so much. On this floor I was really amazed by how much dirty water was in the tank because I feel like I do a good job cleaning my home. My previous cleaning tool had to be leaving stuff behind and the CrossWave did a great job of getting the floor clean. On this floor I think I noticed the biggest difference on my area rug that is light gray and white. While the Crosswave is not a replacement for a carpet cleaner it sure did freshen up the area rug better than just using the regular vacuum.

The last place I tried the CrossWave was my bathrooms, which also have tile floors. As expected, the tile floor was no problem and they looked nice when I was done. The bathroom does not have the high dirt traffic that the ground floor tile gets so I did not need to do any extra cleaning to make my floor look nice and clean.

Now it is time to clean the brush roll, clean out the dirty water tank, and general maintenance on the machine. When you are done cleaning the CrossWave has a nice self-clean feature for the brush roll. All you have to do is put the machine back on its docking station and hit the self clean button. It will run a 40 second cycle that puts solution on the bottom of the base and runs the roll over it really fast and sucks the dirty water from the roll into the dirty water tank. This was nice but since I have really long hair, I still had to take some time to get some hair off the roll that had wrapped around it. But this is common to all vacuums so no big deal.

After running the self clean, it is time to empty the dirty water tank, which is super easy. There is a place above the dirty water tank to click and release it from the machine. Then simply take the filter cover off and you can dump the water. There is a hair and debris filter in the bottom that will catch big stuff that you can pull out before you dump the water so that stuff does not go down the drain and clog it up. After this task I simply popped the clean water tank off and emptied the little amount of water left. Then took the roll off the front of the machine; took the extra hair that wrapped around it off, and ran all the parts under hot water to clean them off. This is where the included drying rack comes in handy. It keeps all the little bits organized for storage until you are ready to use the machine again.

When all the parts were dry I put the CrossWave back together again and that was not too hard. The only thing I had to look up was how to get the brush roll cover back on. It came off super easy but it would not click back into place. Well that was my bad not knowing that you line up the front of the guard and then it snaps into place in the back. I tried to line up the back and snap front. My bad 🙂

Overall I would give the Bissel Crosswave Cordless Max a 9.5 out of 10. It cleaned normal messes very well and was easy to set up and use. The machine did well with debris on the floor and did pick up the hair well even if it did wrap around the brush. I wish it had done better in the high traffic areas of my home and it is a bit pricy at $399, and yes I spent my own money on this. At the end of the day I am glad I bought this cleaning tool.

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