Small Goals and Progress

Small Goals and Progress

One of the themes for me lately is keeping and forming healthy habits; especially now when the usual routine is upended. Frankly, in some cases braking the routine has been a good thing because it has forced me to look at some of my habits and make changes in some cases. At other times the lack of my normal routine has been hard….I can’t go for my usual swim when the pool is not open and that has been my main workout for a long time. Setting small goals keeps me on the path to living a healthy life. To me it is important that some goals are non-scale related.

One of the small goals I mentioned in another post was that I would try the 90 day trial of Fitbit and see if I could use some of that content as alternate ways of getting in some exercise. I have had mixed results with this approach. On the positive side I have been using the sleep meditation exercises almost every night. This has lead health improvement not related to the scale; my resting heart rate is down by 7 beats per minute and the quality of my sleep is up a bit.

I have been wearing a version of the Fitbit sleep watch for almost 10 years so I have data to back up my assertion that I am sleeping better. In the past year my sleep score was an average of 74 but in the past month it has been an average of 82. Sleep is a key driver of many health issues, so I am happy to have made some progress in this area.

One goal that I have had a difficult time with is trying new exercises. I have been taking 40 min – 75 min walks 3 times a week, but lets face it, that is probably not enough. I have been meaning to try some Yoga and Core Strengthening classes. I have only done a couple in the last few weeks. So that needs to be the next area of focus.

From a scale and exercise perspective, I read an article that suggested a person weight themselves each day and write it down. This helps one to be in touch with their weight and how things we are doing will impact that number. I have been weighing myself daily even before I read the article, but what I did not do was write it down. This means in the morning I would look at it but not necessarily take any action because I did not want to really look at my weight.

I took the article one step further and started writing down my weight and the exercise I do each day. This has helped me be much more aware of what I am or am not doing. Lets be honest, I have great plans of what I will do each day/week and then in the end I end up skipping workouts for various reasons. Tracking this behavior in a spreadsheet gives me a reality check.

My next small goal to focus on is dial into an exercise routine; not only for weight goals but overall health goals. Overall health is very important to focus on in light of the COVID19 pandemic. Studies have shown that people with underlying conditions are at greater risk. Lets be a bit more healthy and reduce that risk. Join me and chime in with your health goals if you want.

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