How and When Should Economy Reopen

Today I decided to play with a “new” feature as part of my blog; adding a simple poll to the end of this post. Recently, I was playing with the back end of WordPress to see what features are out there that I just did not bother to learn about. Polls seemed like a fun thing to play with. The poll question that stuck in my mind is about how and when we should reopen the economy. This topic is in the news a lot this week.

On the news there are several news items converging around this topic. There are many people who are participating in protests saying that we should get back to business as normal regardless of the consequences. They seem to think that the pandemic is not really the threat it was made out to be. Personally, I don’t think that is a great idea. The logical fallacy is that the death rate is lower than we were told to expect so we should never have taken preventative measures. But t taking precaution worked and that is why the death rate is low. I think it is a mistake to take success and make it failure.

Other news items show that a good part of the population believe that we have done what is necessary but they are ready to take cautious steps forward. Take a phased approach and open some businesses that lend themselves to social distancing and see how it goes. If there is not a rebound then move on to another phase. The idea goes, you can go to a store like a clothing or electronics retailer but only  a limited number of patrons at a time. This might be a good idea.

I saw another news item where the Mayor of Las Vegas said open things up and let the businesses figure out how that works for them. She gave an interview saying that is the responsibility of the business not the Mayor. Personally, I think this is a reckless abdication of leadership in a time when people need a plan for the sake of public safety. Yea maybe some businesses will be responsible but others will say get me profit no matter what.

There are many answers to the same question and I came up with just a few based on what I see and read.  It would be interesting to see what others thing about this issue.


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