Fitness – Fitbit Premium

This week I am participating in a content publishing challenge and will try to publish something new each day. Today I decided to write about trying to keep up a fitness routine while under a stay-at-home order. Many businesses are offering extended trials to their services ever since a lot of traditional brick and mortar companies have had to close due to quarantine requirements. One of those digital businesses is Fitbit and their premium service.

I have a Fitbit watch and have been using it to track sleep since 2007. It keeps track of my steps and heart rate, which is nice. When the gym was still open I would use it occasionally to track my swim progress. About a year ago I noticed Fitbit started to offer a premium service but never really thought too much about it because I had my routine down and did not want to spend additional money. Where I live we are under a stay-at-home order until June 10th so no gym for me.

Fitbit is offering a 90 day free trial right now; this seems like a good time to try something new. So here are some of the cool things I have discovered so far. The service offers some meditation programs to follow both for stress relief and for sleep. I used to pay extra for a meditation service; an exercise and meditation app all in one is nice.

The app also has various levels of fitness programs and are marked from easy to hard as well as beginner to advanced. This helps me to quickly identify something that works for my fitness level. The last cool thing I discovered so far is the fitness programs are at various lengths from 10 minutes to one hour. Seriously, anyone can take a small 10 minute class and make small steps to getting fit or keeping fit at a time when our normal routines are interrupted.

As I try more of the things that the Fitbit premium app offers I hope to identify things that will help me with the goals I set for myself this year in the health and fitness arena. With 90 days free, it will be a good test to see if this program is worth spending money on after the trial is over. Looking good so far

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