Weighted Blanket – Is it worth it?

All over the internet you can see a ton of content telling us that someone tried a specific product or fad, and the writer tells us how the experience went. Often I wonder, if they are getting paid to write about the experience, is there a vested interest to make the content positive? Are the claims true?

I don’t get paid for the content in my blog. Yes, early on I tried some of the affiliate networks just to see if I could make enough money to pay for the web page. But nope, I never did make any money….I just never focused on it enough to generate the attention it takes to make money. No harm, but I say this so anyone reading the following will know that I write about my experience with no vested interest.

One of these articles that caught my attention was about the weighted blankets. If the hype is to be believed, you buy this expensive blanket but it will help you get better sleep, feel more energized, and take less or no medicine for sleep. It sounds good; I am a person who has had problems sleeping since I was a child. I had to try this blanket…what is $250 compared to finally getting a good night sleep.

I chose to buy my blanket from a local store; it is 20 pounds and the weight comes from the tiny glass beads. I sleep in king bed and the biggest size the store had was a queen. So the first thing I had to do was make sure to place the blanket so that it would be on the part of the bed where I tend to gravitate to in my sleep.

An average night for me is sleeping about 1 hour 45 min and then tossing, turning, and waking up every 45 min until it is time to go to work. The reviews said that the weighted blanket is so heavy it will stop the tossing and allow you to sleep. With much anticipation, I lay down on a Sunday night to do my nightly reading. The weight of the blanket was noticeable but it was nice.

One of my favorite things about winter is the temperature being cold enough to get several of my blankets out of the closet and snuggle under them. The weight of the blanket combined with just one of my normal blankets gave me that same feeling. So far so good.

The first night, my usual sleeping pattern emerged, but now when I toss I have this heavy blanket on me and it starts to become uncomfortable. My legs and ankles start to hurt from fighting the weight while trying to move. Unlike most reviews I read, the weight was noticeable and it brought me fully awake so that I could take the blanket off and then go back to sleep. But it was only night one; maybe it takes getting used to.

At the end of the first week, each night was more of the same. So what I did was put the blanket across the bed so that it did not cover my ankles. This helped a little having the weight centered on my core and chest. I did notice that I started sleeping about 2 to 2.5 hours before I woke up the first time. While this may not sound like a lot, on a good night it is almost a whole hour more than I usually get of uninterrupted sleep.

I wear a sleep watch and have done this for about 8 years. The data on my watch, plus how I wake up feeling in the morning tells me that the following couple weeks did not such any more improvement. To cut to the chase I slept with the weighted blanket for one month and really did not feel like I got better significantly sleep with the blanket. In fact, I would wake up every night and throw the blanket off because my legs hurt and then I would go back to sleep.

Overall, I like to use the blanket while I read before bed. But once it is lights out time, I like my normal blankets better. The extra 45 min to an hour sleep I occasionally got was not worth the extra weight that hurt my legs. I wish the blanket did stop me from tossing all the time like advertised since I wake up an average of 9 times a night. Alas, that was just not the case for me.

Maybe this blanket would work for the average sleeper who is just a little restless due to stress or something. But for someone with serious sleep issues, it was one more failed experiment. In my opinion, the $250 for the blanket is not worth the cost.

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