The Renegades Trilogy

The Renegades Trilogy by Marissa Meyer has a DC/Marvel feel to it. Although I am not a huge fan of comics I am a big fan of Marissa Meyer, so I decided to give this series of books a try. In this series we get to see this world from multiple perspectives but the main point of view is Nova; her character is one that we would typically associate with being the “bad guy” or the “villain.” But the world is not that simple, there are good and bad people on both sides of this story.

The good guys are called Renegades and the bad guys are called Anarchists.

In the first book we meet Nova, aka Nightmare. She is about to attempt to the assassination of Captain Chromium while he is presiding over the annual Superhero parade. So the first thing we think, is oh she is going to kill someone she must be the bad guy. Okay, I agree killing someone is bad. But then we see in flashback why she has this grudge.

Nova’ defining moment and the origin story is that she sees her Mother, Father, and little sister killed when she is just 6 years old. She has been told not to fear the bad guys because the good guys will come and save them. But the good guys never come and Nova is left holding the body of her dead baby sister for hours until someone finds her. Why did the superhero’s not come and save her family like they promised?

Like many superhero’s and villains alike, their power is triggered by a traumatic event. From here on in Nova will not need to sleep but she has the power to touch others and put them to sleep. Enter Nova’s Uncle, Ace Anarchy. He is the leader of the villains; although his brother was working for the other side, he still loved him and is sad at the death. So he takes in little Nova and gives her the name Nightmare.

Flash back to present and the attempt to kill Captain Chromium is not successful. Nova and her Anarchist friends must come up with another plan. Plan B, Nova is going to superhero tryouts and attempt to get a job with the Renegades. Once she is inside she will hopefully find a way to bring down the whole Renegade organization.

For Nova, she just wants two things. To get revenge for the death of her family when the Renegades promised to protect them, and to make is so people stop depending on the superhero’s to protect them. Nova believes people need to learn how to protect themselves, whether they have powers or not. If people learned to protect themselves sooner maybe her parents and baby sister would still be alive.

As the reader moves through the three books we meet some of the characters on both sides of the story. Nova does, of course, pass superhero tryouts and becomes a renegade. If not then we would not have 3 books to read, right. The team she is assigned to is full of people that we want to love. But some of the other teams have hero’s who abuse their power and position and we want to hate them. On the villain side we see people who are just trying to get by in a world that will call them evil without even getting to know them. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are bad but others we want to cheer for. I will let you read the books and decide who you love and hate.

These books are written as a trilogy and at the end I was thinking the story wrapped up nicely. That is until I read the epilogue and a character that is supposed to be dead is not. My reaction was, you cannot tell me this person is still alive in the last two pages of the book and then write an authors note saying “it feels good to finish this series.” Do we get a spin off? I don’t know. But I hope so.

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