A Clash Of Kingdoms

A recurring theme for me is reading so many books that the authors I love do not publish fast enough for me to always have something on deck. This means that I often visit the “if you like this you might like that” section of iBook’s. The most recent find was a trilogy called A Clash of Kingdoms by Erin Summerill.

The main characters of the series, at least at first, are from a kingdom called Malam. This world contains two kinds of people; the ones who are Channelers who can control elemental magic, and those who are “normal” and have no magic. Of course the conflict comes in when those who have no magic fear those who do. In Malam magic was made illegal and many Channelers were killed or exiled.

Enter our heroine, Britta the daughter of the kingdoms bounty hunter. But her dad has been keeping a dangerous secret from her, she is not only a Channeler but a rare kind of Channeler. Britta knows her mother was a Channeler and that is why her village always treats her unkindly but she is about to find out just what kind of power she inherited from her mom.

We also meet Cohen, the bounty hunter apprentice turned bounty hunter now that Brittas dad has been murdered. They must solve the mystery of her dads death. This mystery will lead them to the kingdom of Shaerdan, a homeland for Channelers and the place that many people escaped too when magic became illegal in Malam. Britta and Cohen must discover who killed Britta’s dad before a war breaks out between kingdoms.

Like most fiction I have been reading lately the target audience is young adults, but it is still a fun read for older adults like myself. The stories explore classic themes of overcoming prejudice and redemption, but in a way that involves fantasy and is not preachy about it.

Join Britta, Cohen, and the cast of friends and allies that will grow through the series and I hope you have as much fun reading as I did.

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