The Irish Bride – Sarah Woodbury

Sarah Woodbury is one of my favorite authors so anytime she puts out another book I am excited to read it. The most recent book is called the Irish Bride; it tells the tale of a mysterious death just before Godfrid and Cait are to be married. Gareth and Gwen arrive in Ireland for the wedding and as they are on the docks, they are called to the site of a mysterious death.

Gareth the Welshmen’s reputation has preceded him, even in Ireland they know to ask him for help with a death that might turn out to be murder. A dead monk is on the alter of the most prominent church in Dublin and he is dressed in armor. Why is he dead? Why is he in armor?

From the beginning this story has a fight club feeling. There is clearly something odd going on in Dublin, add a monk with mysterious fighting injuries. Gwen and Gareth are going to have to figure this out fast before the whole thing ruins their friends wedding.

The question they will have to answer is, is the death related to the wedding. To outsiders it may seem like the Danish Godfrid marrying Irish Cait is a political wedding, but in reality the reader knows it is a love match…we don’t want a love match ruined.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but by the end Gwen and Gareth solve the mysterious death and uncover a political plot. This is a a great story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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