Back to Writing

Hey internet friends, I have been taking a break from writing for awhile…you know how life goes. I had a lot going on with a new job and moving. There just was not enough hours in the day to continue writing. But now I am settled down and back to writing.

Never fear, I did make time for reading so there are a few books to write about. I just finished reading “The Irish Bride” by Sarah Woodbury, and as usual the Gareth and Gwen mystery was fun from start to finish. But more about that in its own post.

The last few months have been about transitions in my life. It’s funny because I have moved around a lot because I have been around the military my whole life. One would think that moving and change would be par for the course. But somehow this move and job change was just more stressful than any other.

I had to sell a house and the relator was just a joke. It sucks when you pay someone a lot of money to do a job and then you end up doing all the work. Then I had to find a place to live in a new city where housing is super expensive and hard to find. But finally, I have a place and will move in this month.

The new job is actually very cool. The people are very nice and our work environment is much more stable than where I came from. My last job was chaos from start to finish, the boss did not have a plan on how to get things done and we spent all day reacting to the next new thing and most of those things could be planned for. This job, they have a plan for most things and backup plans as well. Makes for a mostly calm work environment. Come in, do your job, and leave at the end of the day feeling like you got something done. Yea!

Now that I am back to writing, it is time to write about some good books, songs, and whatever comes to mind. I hope you all out there will join in on a spirited and respectful conversation.

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