A Discovery of Witches: Episode 6

If you have been following the show and my posts about The Discovery of Witches, you know that in the last post I left out a big plot point. Although, I discuss a lot of the details of the show I did not want to spoil the final moment of the last episode. But now, we are at episode 6 and we have to discuss shocking news that someone dared to come on vampire land and kidnap Diana. WHAT??

Satu, a powerful witch with the gift of flight came in and snatched Diana from the grounds of Sept Tours.  In the books the character of Satu is not introduced until this part of the story. But in the show we have seen this witch since the first episode, one threat of many looming over Diana.  Satu is in league with the vampire Gerbert to try and find out the secrets of Diana’s magic.

The alliance is an uneasy one and in the mind of Satu a necessary evil. She is convinced that Diana has a great deal of magic and assumes that Diana is hiding her power somehow. Satu will do anything it takes to get at these secrets, even torture a fellow witch. It never dawns on Satu that Diana does not have unfettered access to her power.

Flash to Matthew. In this mythology vampires do not need to sleep very often. In this case Matthew awakes from a rare night of sleep only to find Diana gone. At first Matthew is not alarmed because he has told her not to leave the grounds. No one ever thought that another creature would dare to violate the space of the powerful Claremont family. As Matthew realizes she is gone his brother Baldwin happens to arrive at Sept Tours. Baldwin is there to take Diana to the congregation with the news that Diana has been taken Baldwin turns from bad guy to someone who can help get Diana back.

Meanwhile, Satu is using black magic on Diana to try to magically open her up. This spell is a great strain on both women. Finally, Satu realizes she cannot force magic or secrets from Diana. Therefore, Satu throws Diana down the oubliette; it is like a dungeon that only has access from the roof.

What we realize quickly is that Diana is stuck. She starts to have memories/visions of her mother. Diana’s mother is telling her a story of the witch and her prince. The witch is stuck in a hole, the prince will come but he cannot get her out. The witch will have to save herself by learning to access her magic. Through the story we learn that Diana is spellbound; her parents have locked away her magic so that others could not take advantage of her.

In the books we know that Diana’s mother was a very powerful witch with the gift of foresight. She knew a lot about what would happen to Diana and that she and her husband would not be there to protect their child. Spellbinding is usually uses only on dangerous witches but Diana’s parents did it to keep dangerous witches from taking advantage of their child.

Diana unlocks enough of her power to fly out of the oubliette once Matthew is there and encourages her to save herself. The story her mother told her often as a child mirrors this situation; the prince will come but the witch will save herself by flying to him.

Matthew and Baldwin take Diana back to Sept Tours and with the help of Ysabeau Matthew begins the process of trying to heal the damage done to Diana by Satu during the torture. What he discovers is horrifying, Satu branded Diana. In the show the brand is fairly simple but in the book it is a complicated and large brand that is a representation of Matthews family symbol.

As the show wraps up, Baldwin goes back to being the enemy in the story. He demands that Matthew let him take Diana to the congregation. But Matthew has a trump card to play. Baldwin may be the head of the family, but Matthew is the leader of The Knights of Lazarus. Uh Oh, now Baldwin has a choice; obey Matthew or give up his membership with the Knights. Matthew 1 Baldwin 0.

The story is moving into the last phase. Sophie, a daemon born of witch parents, has been having visions of Diana and is slowly beginning to realize that she has some part to play in Diana’s story. Furthermore, Diana will be important to Sophie and her child. We don’t know what that will be yet. But it will become clear soon.

It is no longer safe at Sept Tours. Where should the pair go now? Where can they be safe so they can figure out their next move? Tune into episode 7 to find out.

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