Big Bang Theory: End of a Show, End of an Era

This week The Big Bang Theory came to an end. This show has been one of my favorites for a long time and I am sad to see it go. TBBT is one of those shows that transcended social groups and generations. I have lived and taught in multiple countries during the 12-year run of the show, and I often found common ground with people by saying that I watched this show. I even found common ground with coworkers using this show, even though we had nothing else in common, at least we could laugh at the jokes the show gave us.

First, lets talk about the last episode. I am so glad the writers decided to have Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize for the idea they came up with on their wedding day. Of course, Sheldon thinks they will call him with the news, so I liked that they called Amy with the news. 

I love that Sheldon becomes overwhelmed by finally getting what he always wanted, and it gives him another chance to have a classic Sheldon/Penny moment. She gets Sheldon in a way that none of the other characters do. That relationship is so special in my opinion.

One of the things the writers did that I was hoping they would not do, was to write the storyline that Penny is going to have a child. I liked that they showed her earlier in the year standing up to everyone by saying she did not want to have children. Penny stands up for herself and points out that it does not make her any less of a woman to not have a child, it does not have to be the defining thing of being a woman, that she should not be made to feel less of a woman/person for not having a child. In the end they go back to stereotypes.

In the end, I loved that Sheldon has the most self-aware moment of all time. He realizes how important all the people in his live are, how much they have contributed to his success and finds it in himself to give thanks for that. I think if we were to see a future Sheldon, he would revert to some of his old ways, I mean he is still Sheldon. But it was a lovely breakthrough for this character.

Now, it is time to reflect on some of my favorite moments of The Big Bang Theory. I think my all-time favorite moment of the show came in season 2; it was the Christmas episode. When Penny gives Sheldon the Leonard Nimoy napkin his reaction is priceless. This is the first time Sheldon willingly gives Penny a hug.  It is a Saturnalia miracle.

Another favorite moment was the first time Amy and Sheldon met. These two emotionally disconnected people are so funny and perfect in that moment. Howard’s response of “what have we done” is so funny.

There are so many great moments on this show, what are your favorite Big Bang Theory Moment?

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