A Discovery of Witches: Episode 3

In this episode Diana and Matthew continue to grow closer. At this point it is more like an uneasy friendship, but we can see hints of the relationship that is clearly to come. I mean it would not be a good witch/vampire book if a love story was not involved.

As this episode begins Matthew takes Diana to his home, the Old Lodge. In the show they are going to get away from all the creatures in the library. In the book Matthew takes Diana to the Old Lodge for a yoga practice. In the show, they never mention how they both practice yoga. I think this is a bit of a shame because the viewer gets hints that Diana suffers from anxiety, but they do not explain that Diana uses running, rowing, and yoga as an outlet to help control that anxiety.

The secondary storyline introduces two new characters a little early, Sophie and Nathaniel, two daemons.  The viewer does not get a lot of context, but you can tell Sophie is a sweet, young girl. You get the feeling that she will be a friend and ally in the story to come. Like the last episode, I think it is nice to get a little context about the creatures that populate this magical world.

In my opinion, they captured Sophie perfectly. I just finished rereading the book last night and the actress captures the book Sophie so well.

Meanwhile in Venice, Gerbert and Domenico are plotting to use current events against Matthew. They have a grudge against him and the de Claremont’s but we don’t know why. These two have a position on a creature council called The Congregation. We don’t know a lot about this council yet, but they seem menacing. Gerbert and Domenico are going to use their position to make a move against Matthew.

I love that the show films the Venice scenes in Venice. This is a beautiful location and it would not be easy to fake. The beauty of the location and the fact that many old structures exist lend an authenticity to the feeling that this council of creatures has existed for hundreds of years. The players may change, but the institution is old.

In the book we do not learn a lot about the Congregation or where their headquarters are located. In fact, the details about the Congregation do not come up in the first book at all. We just find out that they exist and they have rules…rules Matthew and Diana are breaking.

Toward the end of the episode we come to a pivotal moment in the story. Someone sends Diana pictures of her dead parents. The pictures are of a gruesome death. Interestingly enough, the show chooses to hold back information that the book shares, her parents were killed by witches. They bring in so much information early that I found it odd to hold back this detail.

The threat to Diana in Oxford is becoming too great. Matthew realizes it is time to take her away from Oxford to somewhere witches would not dare to go; his family home in France. All pretense of a normal life is over, it will be a world full of magic and creatures from here on out.

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