A Discovery of Witches: BBC Show

Recently, I stumbled upon the fact that the BBC America is going to start running a show called A Discovery of Witches. What, What? Is this new show going to be about one of the books I really like? Or is the name a coincidence? Turns out, the show is going to be about the book.

The book was originally published in 2011 and is part of series call the All Souls Trilogy. I was hooked on this series from the start. The author is a historian by trade and decided to write a fiction series with some historical elements. I recall reading an article in which the author says she got the idea for the book when the supernatural phenomena started to become really popular. She began to wonder, if many of the supernatural races live for a long time if not forever, what do they do to fill the time? What jobs would they have? From there a fun story was born.

In the books, Dina Bishop is a history professor who finds a long lost manuscript that triggers the magic in her blood. Diana soon meets vampire, Matthew Clairmont, who also happens to be a geneticist searching for a cure to a vampire disease. Matthew believes the answers he needs to develop his cure is in the book Diana found.

This is all one needs to know at the start if they are just planning on watching the TV show. I will talk about the books more in a different post. But first, I need to refresh my memory because it has been awhile since I read the books.

The real discussion is, about books being adapted to TV or movies. I often find that I love a book and then when it is adapted to screen there are so many details left out, changed, or simply ignored. I am actually glad that the show is coming out now, when I have forgot some of the details. This way I won’t spend the whole time going “that did not happen in the book.”

What about you, do you like to watch shows based on your favorite books? Do the shows ever do the books justice?

I plan on watching A Discovery of Witches then reading the books again. We will just have to see how well this fun story translates to the small screen.

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