Mystery Series: A Brit in the FBI

As an eclectic reader, I do like to throw some mystery books into the mix. Catherine Coulter has been writing an FBI series since the mid 90’s, which is fun to read. But a few years ago, she began cowriting a series with J.T. Ellison that is a spin off called A Brit in the FBI.

The series starts with The Final Cut.  Sherlock and Dillon are working a case with Inspector Drummond from Scotland Yard. The Crown Jewels are on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when the Koh-I-Noor diamond is stolen.  Inspector Drummond is teamed up with Agent Michaela (Mike) Cane and the whole team must discover who stole the diamond and retrieve it before the whole issue blows up into a major international incident.  I don’t want to spoil the book so I will just say this is a fun read that takes well established characters from Catherine Coulter’s FBI series and blends in some new players. The new characters are well written and it was natural to want to follow them on their own adventures in the books to come.

What I like about this series is that the stories are not just another procedural drama to follow. It is not exactly like the parent books that generated the spin off. Additionally, the writing of the two authors blends seamlessly in the story. I am not totally sure who writes which parts of the story.

By the end of the first book Inspector Drummond decides to join the FBI. One might be thinking how does a Brit join the FBI. Well, he is American born but raised in England by his English family. With dual citizenship Nicholas Drummond technically can apply to join the FBI. Still one has to suspend disbelief a little that it would be just that easy for someone from another countries police service to join the FBI. But take the leap of faith and the rest of the stories are fun.

The sixth book, The Last Second, was published last week. This was on my preorder list for a few months and now it is time to jump back into the series and see if we can figure out the mystery along with our fictional friends.  In this book we know who the villain will be in the prologue of the book. Dr. Nevaeh Patel believes she has made contact with aliens while stationed on the International Space Station. Her bosses think her “contact” with aliens is all in Dr. Patel’s head and bars her from going back to space. If she cannot go back to space, she will work for a private company launching satellites into orbit; all the while trying to find a way to get back to her alien friends. From the very beginning, the book begs the reader to ask the question, is Dr. Patel crazy or did she really make contact.

Jean-Pierre Broussard is the ultra-wealthy owner of the company Dr. Patel works for. He is on his own quest to find the Holy Grail. Most people think this quest is a vanity project for a rich man; but Jean-Pierre has reasons to find the Holy Grail beyond vanity, he just does not want the world to know what that reason is. The reader is let in on the secret early on, but the characters are not in on the secret.

Dr. Patel believes she needs the Holy Grail to facilitate her reunion with her alien friends. She will stop at nothing to achieve her own ends; even betray her boss Jean-Paul. And oh, by the way; Dr. Patel has launched a satellite with an EMP that can bring down global communications.  Can the team figure out what the reader knows in time to stop this global disaster?

Even though the reader is in on some of the secrets up front there is still a lot to learn and figure out. This book has been a good adventure. I hope you all join the fun and read this series and book.

Note to Reader: I genuinely love the books I talk about. However, a friend of mine suggested I join the Amazon Affiliate Program since I am going to suggest a book either way.  The link in this post is part of that program. If you happen to use the link and purchase an item, I will earn a small commission.  

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