The After Cilmeri Series: Refuge in Time

NOTE TO READERS: This post will discuss some well established facts about the series. If you have not read the beginning of the series it may be a bit of a spoiler. Be forewarned.

Once again it is time to visit the dynamic and fun universe created by Sarah Woodbury.  Refuge in time is the latest installment and the story takes place concurrently to Champions in time. Reading the previous book provides context but this story does stand on its own.

Just to remind the reader, when David or his family travels between medieval Wales and the current timeline a flash occurs that can be detected by scientific equipment.

At the beginning of the book the author is kind enough to give us a quick overview of events and we are reminded that David and William are in Avalon; David is at the end of a live TV interview when a shot rings from the rafters of the TV studio causing David to travel back medieval Wales.  To make things more interesting, when David travels back to Wales another flash occurs at almost the same time. Someone else has come to Avalon but why?

A significant portion of this story takes place in modern times. Michael and Livia are David’s allies and they are the main focus of the book. Who shot at David? Did they mean to kill him or just make him travel?  Michael and Livia must find the answer to these questions and decide who they can trust along the way.

As we know, when David and his family travel, they always end up where they are supposed to be. Anna’s young son Cadwallader is the cause of the second flash; he thinks he is going to save Uncle David. But David does not need saving, at least not in Avalon. When Cadwallder arrives Michael and Livia go to the location of the flash and pick him up. However, his name is a bit difficult to pronounce for modern people unfamiliar with the Welsh language. He kindly allows them to call him Cade…I think the name is going to stick.

One of the interesting plot points of this story is discovering the reason behind why Cade’s travel puts him in the right place at the right time. Additionally, it is interesting to see our modern world through the eyes of a young person who has spent his whole life hearing about the modern world from his time traveling mother and uncle. Cade will discover it is one thing to hear about it; yet another to live it.

Michael and Livia will solve the mystery of who shot at David as well as help to protect young Cade until he can return home to Wales. When he does return, fate will place him in the right place, with the right people, to help his Uncle David.

Read this fun book to discover the details behind the mystery and intrigue surrounding David and his family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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