New Book Tuesday: YEA New Books

Today is new book Tuesday; the new After Climeri book is out today. Refuge In Time is going to allow us to catch up with David, Anna, and crew. If you have not read the previous books I won’t spoil your fun by saying who the crew is yet. We have new players in the universe and they have to help our old friends by solving a mystery. As if intrigue in medieval England/Wales is not enough, intrigue abounds in present day timeline as well.

I am still finishing my book from last week, which is also a great series called Shattered Realms by Cinda Williams Chima. This is a good problem to have…so many good books to read and not enough time. However, as soon as I finish the current book I will post a discussion on that series and then jump into my favorite series.

Seeing as Tuesday is a common day to publish new digital books, did anyone else get the gift of a new book today? Do you want to share?

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