My Favorite Book Series: After Climeri Series

One of my favorite book series is After Climeri by Sarah Woodbury. In the books the author explores alternate history with a bit of science fiction fantasy. I love historical fiction books as well as science fiction and fantasy. Because I travel a lot, I tend to read books on my iPad using iBook. When the “if you like (insert book I just finished) you might like this” came up and said the first book in the series was on sale for $1.99, I figured why not.  The premise of the first book is what would have happened to English/Welsh history if Lewellen was not ambushed and killed at Climeri in 1282.

The real history: The Welsh fought to be independent from England for a couple centuries, it was an ongoing battle from one generation to the next. Lewellen was the last great warrior recorded in Welsh History. The short version of the story is that he was tricked into attending a meeting with some of his rebel lords. They were supposed to pay homage to the Lewellen and join his forces against the common enemy, England. It was an ambush and Lewellen was killed. A major obstacle was removed and England eventually takes over Wales. This is of course a very simplified version of events.

The book history: Lewellen is going to attend the meeting with his rebel lords, it turns into an ambush, and it looks like Lewellen is not going to make it out alive. But strange forces intervene; Anna and David arrive and save the Welsh Prince. This is where the science fiction and fantasy come in. Anna and David are two teenagers from present day America. By present day I mean 2011 when the book was first published. From the book synopsis you will learn that Anna is driving in a snowstorm and is about to crash, but instead of crashing in the snow she ends up in 1282 Wales.

This is where the fun starts. The two main characters do not know how they got to the past or how to get home. They have saved the Prince so of course he is going to help them while they figure things out. I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I will just say the author created a great world for her cast of characters. The people in the book really come alive; the book made me laugh, cry, and say “I did not see that one coming.”

As the series goes on David and Anna grow up, meet new people, get allies, make enemies, and change history as we know it. With the 14

book about to come out March 19, it is a great time to pick up this series and join the fun.

Oh before I forget to mention, as of the time I wrote this all Sara Woodbury books cost $4.99 or less. This is a truly excellent value for all the entertainment I have received from the books. They can be purchased through ibooks or Amazon as far as I know.


As the series goes on David and Anna bounce between timelines. I love that David starts out as a typical tech savvy teenager but the normal timeline progresses and technology advances while he is in medieval Wales.  David falls behind on technological advances and this brings in a nice element of the characters needing to adapt to the two extremely different environments while on their adventures.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the books or any publishing platform. I am writing about the books because I stumbled across them and truly love this author.

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